April 11, 2009

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My Prince of Swords

April 2, 2009

It is funny how life works. My Prince of Swords manifested himself as a cook at my work yesterday. Mid-shift, just before the lunch rush, he got in to an argument with a manager. He walked out, leaving one cook and a cook still in training to do all of the work for the day’s lunch crowd. Remembering my other card, the Knight of Cups, I remained calm and reserved. I did not allow myself to be stressed, and simply informed my customers as to what had happened. Everyone was understanding and happy to have been notified about a slightly increased wait. I made excellent tips despite that longer cooking times.


April 1, 2009

Most mornings, I will lay at least one spread with my cards. Typically, it will be a three card layout concerning the coming day. A couple of times a week, I will delve deeper, throwing more elaborate layouts and questions. One ritual that I never deviate from, however, no matter how tired or busy I might be, is to draw one card for guidance. As I am trying to get to know my new Thoth Tarot, this, “guidance,” card will also be my study card of the day. Although on some days I will be inclined to draw and study other cards, this single draw will be constant.

Prince of Swords

The Prince of Swords appears to be a very strong, dangerous young man. He is visibly muscular, and he wields his sword with dexterity and assuredly ferocious intentions. Despite his obvious skill at handling a sword, however, one gets the impression that the man is acting impetuously, and is perhaps a bit out of control. The greens and yellows of this card signify the vast intelligence that he has, although it seems that he has yet to learn to use it to its advantage, instead choosing violence to achieve the things that he desires. He lacks the poise that the Knight and the Queen of Swords possess.

As a guidance card, I feel that I am being warned to avoid this Prince today. While it is possible that I am being told to avoid these characteristics in myself, I believe that I will be encountering a Prince of Swords at work. I work at Hooters, after all. The likelihood of meeting a young man with intelligence and a lack of direction is quite high. Anyhow, I shall be alert for potential Prince of Swords as I go about my day, and shall do my best to avoid them, as I strongly feel that this card is one of caution and awareness.

As an interesting aside, I asked the question, “What can I do to increase my financial earnings today?” Cutting and shuffling numerous times, the Prince of Swords was drawn. This leads me to believe that though it would be best if I simply avoided that Prince of Swords that I encounter today, he may very well be my largest source of income this afternoon.

When I asked the deck how I should handle the Prince of Swords, I drew the Knight of Cups. It seems that patience, a cool, calm demeanor, and a passive likability will suit me best in my experiences with the impulsive, aggressive Prince of Swords.

When asking what the outcome of my dealings with the Prince of Swords would be, I drew the Prince of Wands.

What is with all of these princes?!

The Prince of Wands is indicative of generosity and hostility. I would not be surprised if I encounter an unpleasant customer today, one who possesses the qualities of the Prince of Swords, nor would I be surprised if he is offensive, yet leaves an large tip out of guilt.

We shall see! Wish me luck with this dreadful man!

Five of Wands

March 31, 2009

Let’s give this big, new deck a test drive, shall we…

The Five of Swords/Defeat

At first glance, this cards reminds me of a large, colorful bruise. Purple that fades to grey, then to green, is very reminiscent of a black eye or some such. That sickly green color also calls to mind something putrid, slimy, or rotten. It is vile seeming card, shimmering with failure, mistakes, and negativity. Even the swords, normally so straight and strong, are bent, broken, and otherwise mangled. You can see that whomever bore those swords did not fare well in their battle.

The Five of Swords is an unpleasant card. It speaks of defeat, malice, cruel intentions, and general vileness.

Study Deck

March 31, 2009

My, “Large Blue Box,” Thoth Tarot deck has arrived, all the way from Britain…

It is quite gorgeous. The images are even more vivid and striking in a large format. It will make an excellent deck for studying.

I found this spread on Aeclectic Tarot Forum a while back. I made a few modifications to it and it works like a dream. It is intended to be a conversation of sorts between you and your deck.

4 5
2 3

Position 1: Signifies the deck’s most important characteristics.

Position 2: Signifies the deck’s weaknesses and shortcomings.

Position 3: Signifies the deck’s strengths and positive attributes.

Position 4: Signifies what the deck can teach you.

Position 5: Signifies how you can best learn from and work with the deck.

Position 6: Signifies the potential outcome of your relationship/partnership with the deck.

I have had my Thoth Tarot for a couple of days now. I feel as though I am acquainted with it, though I clearly have a great deal to learn. Anyhow, I think now would be a good time to interview my Thoth deck. Below are the results.

Position 1: Signifies the deck’s most important characteristics.

Two of Wands/Dominion

Here is the Two of Wands again. My deck is telling me that it is a bold, authoritative deck, possessing strength, courage, pride, and ambition. It seems that I have a rather powerful deck on my hands. Somehow, I am not surprised. I expect great things from this deck, though I must be cautious, as it is inclined to obstinacy, domination, and turbulence at times.

I must say that I am quite pleased to see this card in the position that it is in. Perhaps working with such a masculine deck will help me to be more accepting of the strongly masculine in other aspects of my life.

Position 2: Signifies the deck’s weaknesses and shortcomings.


Adjustment is a card that signifies justice and truth. A strong, powerful, and wise looking woman stands perfectly still, perfectly straight, her scales balanced just so. In her hands she firmly grasps a long, sharp sword, ready to met out any deserved punishments. The woman is poised, controlled, and very confident, balanced upon the tips of her toes.

It seems that my Thoth Tarot may not always know the answers, but then, who does?

Position 3: Signifies the deck’s strength and positive attributes.

Two of Disks/Change

Another deuce. The twos are related to the High Priestess, also a two. They are representative of duality, instinctive knowledge, and the direction that such knowledge should be taken.This two is one of the earth element. Symbolizing eternity, yin and yang, and the ebb and flow that is constant in our lives.

In this instance, I read the Two of Disks as my deck’s ability to foretell the various changes in my life. My deck will be capable of guiding me through these changes, giving me the knowledge and direction that I need.

Position 4: Signifies what the deck can teach you.

Two of Swords/Peace

Yet another two, this one of swords, air, and intellect. It is an attractive card, depicting a strong form of beauty.

It seems that the Thoth deck will teach me how to be at peace, with myself and with the occurrences in the world around me. Beauty and truth will be revealed, and I will be granted the knowledge of achieving peace. It is a rather nice card to see in this spread.

Position 5: Signifies how you can best learn from and work with the deck.

Four of Wands/Completion

Finally, we break free from the pack of twos, and find ourselves with the Four of Wands. This card is a steady, reassuring looking card. Though it is still a card ruled by fire, like the Two of Wands, this card is a feminine one, as depicted by the sign for Venus and femininity.

In this spread, the Four of Wands indicates that success, perfection, and completion will come, but only after a significant amount of labor has been put forth. It seems that I must work hard to achieve comprehension and complete collaboration with this deck.

Position 6: Signifies the potential outcome of your relationship/partnership with the deck.

The Chariot

The Chariot, incidentally, is also my Soul/Personality Card. It is emblematic of triumph, success, and victory. Not much analysis of this card is required as it pertains to this spread. The potential outcome of my relationship or partnership with my Thoth Tarot is a victorious one.

Hurrah for me!

If you have anything to add to this reading, or have suggestions, questions, or so on, please leave them in the, “comments,” section below!


March 31, 2009

The, Death, card in the Thoth Tarot is one of the most lovely that I have seen. The swirls of pale blue against the toffee colored background are quite attractive. There is a delicacy to it that offsets nicely against the black skeleton, Death himself, wielding his fearsome scythe. While it is clear what Death’s intentions are, the graceful indigo souls rising up make the prospect of death appealing. There is a clear pattern of rebirth and transformation, as these floating souls hold a promise of hope and peace, and speak of a new beginning. Death’s companions are present; a catfish, a snake, and a scorpion accompany their master, symbolizing the card’s sign of Scorpio, but they do not appear to be threatening. It seems that they are merely there to assist Death, if necessary.

Last night marked the beginning of my study of the Thoth Tarot. While my boyfriend slept beside me I shuffled the deck, pulling a card randomly. The first time that I did this, I pulled the Two of Wands, titled, Dominion.

As you can see, this card is a very typically, “masculine,” one. The symbol for, “man,” is present, also symbolizing Mars, the warrior planet. The symbol for the zodiac sign of Aries is also present. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, and those born under this sign are considered to be passionate, aggressive, and driven. Both Aries and wands are considered to be ruled by the element of fire, being literally firey, impulsive, unforgiving, and often destructive.

My first impressions of the Two of Wands was that it was a card of masculine energy. Perhaps it is simply the feminist in me, but it seemed as the majority of my initial thoughts regarding this card were of the negative aspects that such masculinity carries. Aggressive, domineering, controlling, restless, impulsive, destructive, even dangerous. Even the coiled snakes on the ends of the wands spoke of intimidation and a willingness to strike, to me. It is a powerful, bold, strong, and passionate card, to be sure. It speaks of great ambition and a desire for success, as well as resolute pride and courage.

After thoroughly examining the Two of Wands and recording my impressions of it, I shuffled the deck again and drew another card at random. Interestingly enough, I selected, The Sun, another rather masculine card.

The Sun holds a different type of masculine energy than the Two of Wands does, however. Rather than exemplifying many of the more negative aspects of brash masculinity, The Sun speaks of a more positive, approachable masculinity. Carefree angels frolic through beams of light as rainbows spiral outwards from the bright yellow and orange sun. The twelves signs of the zodiac encircle the rest of the image. A lush, green mountain is visible in the background, nourished by the sun. It is a joyous, young-at-heart card that depicts happiness, pleasure, glory, and triumph.

"Tarot For Your Self"

March 29, 2009

I recently purchased Mary K. Greer’s, Tarot For Your Self, from an Amazon merchant. It cost a mere four dollars, and arrived used, but in good condition. It appears that the book’s previous owner only made it half way through the first chapter, as her writing only appears in those first few pages. The rest of the book is blank, filled with clean, white spaces awaiting my words.

It is snowing outside right now. Tiny flecks of snow are drifting down in a hazy, cold mist. I am sitting by the heater, sipping a warm cup of kiwi-pear tea, anxiously anticipating my new Thoth deck. I am trying to decide if I should spend my morning reading Lon Milo DuQuette’s book, or if I should begin working with my deck in conjunction with Greer’s book.

I think that I shall begin with, Tarot For Your Self. I will be given more opportunity to use the deck that way.

Beauty, Defined

March 29, 2009

Work was terribly difficult today. I worked a thirteen hour shift, on my feet the majority of the time, surrounded by coworkers whom I am not fond of and lecherous old men who had had a bit too much to drink. Hooters, the infamous restaurant chain that I work for, had sent I and several other girls to a car show to do promotional work. We were working in conjunction with an auto parts supplier, distributing coupons and such, talking to potential customers, entertaining children, hula hooping, signing calendars, and the like. It was a rather long day, filled with tedious work, judgmental old women, and grabby old men. What made my job most difficult, however, was not leering or the aching. No, it was the fact that I knew that my Thoth Tarot deck had arrived in the mail this afternoon. It was just sitting there, in the cold, metal mail box, waiting for me to come home and begin shuffling it. I was thrilled when I finally was able to escape the scent of gasoline and the shrill sound of the other girls’ giggles and come home to my new deck.

My Thoth deck is gorgeous. Measuring approximately four and a quarter inches by two and three quarter inches, it fits in my tiny hands perfectly. The card stock is thin and flexible, shuffling beautifully without any bending or folding, yet it is quite strong and sturdy, as well. The images contained within the deck are stunning. A wide array of pictures and symbols sprawl across the faces of the cards, a mixture of swirling reds, oranges, blues, purples, and greens. The artwork is amazing. The depth of the pictures is astonishing. Each time I look at a particular card, I notice new details. The backs of the cards are quite lovely, too, something that surprised me. I had expected to dislike that particular aspect of the Thoth deck, having found online scans to be quite unattractive to me. In person, however, The golds shine through, while the reds and greens blend easily. It is truly a wonderful deck. It feels absolutely perfect in my grasp.

I cannot wait to begin my study of the Thoth Tarot.